HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TIPS  The first thing I want my readers to know is that health is wealth, you can be rich like Steve jobs the apple tech giant and yet you can’t enjoy life because of sickness, you can be famous like bob Marley and yet sick. The legendary bob Marley while on his death bed told his son ziggy that ‘money couldn’t  buy life’.

It is crystal clear that good health is a key to ones happiness and existence. The general healthy lifestyle tips one should know are.

1.YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT; our fore fathers lived healthier and older because they eat in line with nature, they eat more natural foods because at that time all these killer processed foods were not present.

so if you wana stay healthy you have to stop or limit your intake of canned and processed foods replacing them with natural whole, nutritious foods.

Keep in mind that processed and junk foods are loaded with grains, sugar, and unhealthy calories that increase your insulin levels, which not only accelerates the aging process but also increases your risk of obesity and chronic disease.

The best diet I would recommend for optimal health and longevity is one that’s focused on whole, unprocessed foods – preferably organic vegetables, grass-fed meats, raw dairy, and nuts – acquired from healthy, sustainable, local sources.

I also recommend consuming a good portion of your food raw, as well as adding naturally fermented foods to meals. It Is also very important not to eat breakfast not later than 45 minutes after rising in the morning.

2.WATER THERAPY; Our body is made up of 70% of water, so our body needs more water than food. Many people do not take drinking water seriously some drink less water than their body needs for digestion, balance and stability.

For one to be healthy one should drink lots of water and also follow prophet Tb Joshua’s water therapy which cures diseases and keeps you in optimum health.

Prophet Tb Joshua’s water therapy involves drinking 2 liters of water in the morning immediately after you rise up, when you do this you discover you will feel pressed and start using the toilet, this helps you clean up your system every morning.

Also at noon time you should drink close to another two liters of water this helps to put your body in an aqua balance. Drinking lots of water and following water prophet Tb Joshua’s water therapy you will notice positive changes in your health.

2.DO NOT DRINK WATER OR LIQUIDS IN BETWEEN MEALS; while eating try as much as possible not to drink water or any liquid in between the meals except when choked. Drink the water or liquid after eating the whole food and not sipping water or liquids during meals.

3.AVOID COLD OR CHILLED WATER; During sunny days and normally As humans we love water and drinks that are cold or chilled but we should try our best most of the time to avoid cold and chilled liquids because they are not in their right temperature for our body to absorb and thus does not aid our body absorption and balance.

5.REGULAR EXERCISE; equally important to consuming a healthy diet is being physically active. This helps to re vitalize your nervous system, organs and your whole body also the sweat during exercises are evidence of toxins and excess salt leaving your body.

According to studies, people who are not physically active are found to have a shorter lifespan.

In fact, one study shows that reducing the average time you spend sitting down to less than three hours a day may increase your life expectancy by two years, and reducing the time you spend watching TV to less than two hours a day could increase it by 1.4 years.

I understand how difficult it is to avoid sitting down for prolonged periods, as computer work is very predominant today. Even I am guilty of spending a significant portion of my day sitting down.

But to make up for it, I make sure that I get enough by playing basketball like 3 times a week. I also take frequent breaks every hour to stand up at my desk. You yourself can involve in any active sports of your choice and stay fit. Avoid driving all the time go for a walks and often use the bicycle.

6.LIMIT YOUR STAY IN AC’S GET NATURAL VENTILATION AND SUN EXPOSURE; many rich people spend all their time in air conditioned chambers. There are AC’S in their homes, cars, and offices they do not get enough natural ventilation and sun exposure.

As I earlier mentioned our fore fathers lived healthier and longer because they were more natural, they lived in our natural habitat and eat natural foods but today we do the contrary many spend almost all their time in ac chambers and do not get enough natural ventilation and exposure to sunlight.

At times we should switch off the AC and open the windows and curtains and let fresh air in all these natural factors contribute a great deal to our general well being.

7.GET ENOUGH REST AND SLEEP; Our body needs 8 to 9 hours of sleep every day for optimal performance and good health, failure to do this you will be at risk of suffering sleep related stress.

with the  above healthy lifestyle tips there will be improvement in your general well being.If you have any question about healthy lifestyle tips please use the comment section below


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