Garlic’s Medicinal Power

Garlic is an anti-bacterial, antiviral, antibiotic, anti parasitic and anti cancer. It is a high medicinal and rejuvenating herb it serves as an immune booster, rich in selenium which helps to prevent countless diseases.

Garlic is beneficial in lowering blood pressure because it helps dilate peripheral blood vessels. It is also considered as a valuable home remedy for cold and flu as it helps dissolves accumulated phlegm. For pregnant women it helps reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia. Garlic is effective in the following ways.

  1. Reduces aging process and cell degeneration: It contains high level of anti oxidant vitamin c and selenium which helps prevent early aging and facial wrinkles and thus make you younger and healthier.
  1. Reduces high cholesterol In the blood: When crushed it contains allicicn, a type of oil which when it reacts with the cholesterol it dissolves them and lowers the cholesterol level in your blood.
  1. Purifies the blood and enhances adequate circulation: It eliminates toxins which overloads and clogs the circulatory system by purifying the blood and stimulating circulation.
  1. Garlic regulates hypertension: It is effective in lowering high blood pressure by enhancing blood circulation and decongesting our heart.
  1. Enhances sexual performance: It contains nitric oxide, a chemical involved in triggering erection. Garlic helps by widening the artery and improving blood supply to the penis.
  1. Serves as immune booster: Once inside the body’s circulatory system, it boosts and stimulates the activity of defense cells of the body.
  1. Prevents heart attack: Taking four cloves per day reduces the chances of heart attack
  1. It reduces asthmatic attacks: It dissolves the mucus which accumulates in the lungs, it also relieves the symptoms of cold and cough.

Garlic should not be swallowed as a pill it can be chewed, but for optimal performance it should be crushed and diluted in water. Garlic can be used for all our cooking’s.

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  1. Garlic is one among nature’s most potent system boosters. It is also a robust antibiotic, organic process aid and libido attention and, as you will see below, these ar just a few of the health and healthful edges of garlic.

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