Unable To Get Pregnant Read This

Inability to get pregnant is in fact a big family problem from time immemorial. All women in this situation should put their emotions under control and be patient, make a proper search and treatment from a concerned professional, the good news is that success is yours and you will get pregnant if you read this write up.

Try to rule out or get treatment for any of these five common reasons that have made women not to conceive.

  1. NO OVULATION: ovulation (egg release) is very important for pregnancy to occur. In fact without it there will be no pregnancy. There will be nothing for the sperm to ‘marry’ inside.


  1. HORMONAL IMBALANCE: Nature wants a balance. Imbalance in any form is not okay for natural and scientific processes. Hormones for menstruation or pregnancy like progesterone, prolactin, FSH, oestrogen, etc. must be balanced. Is yours balanced?


  1. FIBROID: Abnormal growth inside the womb as fibroid is a great enemy to many women. It has made many women to cry several times at night. It has blocked many women’s womb and chances of conception. Have you ruled out fibroid?


  1. INFECTIONS: Perhaps this is now the worst problem, chronic infections in women, chronic veneral diseases which have reduced fertility or affected the uterus. I advice women to have less multiple partners. To advice their boyfriends to use condoms to avoid different pelvic infections. Married women need to go for tests and receive proper treatment.


  1. BLOCKED TUBES: 60% of infertile women have blocked tubes pregnancy occurs in the tube, not inside the uterus. Pregnancy only develops and grows inside the uterus but it occurs inside the fallopian tube. Is yours open?


A lady that is unable to get pregnant must consult pregnancy specialist for her to get proper diagnoses and treatment and if after receiving treatments for the above and you fail to get pregnant just know that there is no problem that Jesus cannot solve and no sickness Jesus cannot cure.


I advise you to visit synagogue church of all nations(SCOAN) in Lagos Nigeria were the holy spirit through his anointed servant prophet TB Joshua will heal you and you will carry you baby after 9months. For details on how to visit the SCOAN visit their website www.scoan.org



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