KIdney Problems Cure and Treatment

Unknown to many people, what we eat, drink and use like medicated soap, lightening cream, drug abuse, blood pressure etc have adverse effects on the kidney- the organ that eliminates waste products and excess water from the body. In the course of performing these crucial functions, it gets itself damaged from resultant kidney disease.


The kidney is a pear shaped organ that functions principally for the maintenance of blood volume, excreting waste products, maintains a stable environment for the body facilities and red blood cells production. It does the later by producing a red blood cell called erythropoietin which engineers bone marrow to produce red blood cells.

The kidney complements the liver in the process of detoxification of invading organisms and agents into the body before it eliminates them. Most organisms and foreign particles that get into the body are strangers in the body hence dangerous to the body.

They are like thieves invading a premise, the body produces chemicals to immobilize or handcuff these ‘criminals’ and the kidney provides avenues for their exit from the body in the process of doing this task, the kidney gets itself damaged and this results to kidney disease. So with this preamble you can see that the kidney is one of the most susceptible organs to injury in the body.

The sources of these agents are from basic bacteria, viral, protozoa and fungi infections in any part of the body. Notable among them are skin infections, sore throat, cold and catarrh, diarrhea, bone infections, heart infections, hepatitis, Hiv and malaria.

Others are herbal concoctions, soap and cream particularly those with mercury, toxins from plants like some species of aloe Vera from animals, toxins from animals snake bites, tinned food contaminants, oil pollution and environmental pollutants including industrial waste. The abuse of genuine drugs, the use adulterated or fake drugs and abnormal body responses to drugs are important causes of kidney diseases.

Special diseases like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, urinary tract infections, enlargement of the prostrate, complications of pregnancy like eclampsia, cancer and some genital abnormalities of the body systems. It is worth mentioning that some preparations containing copper salt used by some spiritual homes and outfits can cause kidney disease.

The third category are those conditions that would lead to sudden drop in the total volume of blood and water in the body like sever blood loss during road traffic accident, pregnancy an delivery, sever destruction of red blood cells in sickle cell disease.

Massive casualty and disasters like bomb last, crush injury and earthquake, sever vomiting and diarrhea, sever deprivation of water, excessive intake of alcohol and excessive sweating.


Kidney disease may be discovered accidentally on routine medical check-up or while doctors are evaluating or treating usually and common complains like malaise, headache, tiredness, loss of drive, lethargy and generalized body aches. In other words, the kidney disease can manifest with non specific symptoms and signs.


  • Medication to control associated problems, such as high cholesterol and hypertension
  • Dialysis treatment which does the same function of the kidney
  • Kidney transplant
  • Lifestyle changes such as stopping alcohol intake, stop smoking, regular exercise, eat a healthy diet, lose weight if you are obese, and avoid taking drugs that are not prescribed by a doctor aware of your condition.

If all medical efforts fail you just know that there is no sickness Jesus cannot cure I advise you to visit synagogue church of all nations in Lagos Nigeria and register for the prayer line were the holy spirit through his anointed prophet, TB Joshua will heal you.

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