7 Best Tips On How To Lose Weight Fast

The good news is that you can lose weight fast when you follow these right tips and steps. I know that you want to know those magic tips that help you lose weight faster than you could ever imagine, but it if very important to be sincere to ourselves, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight it takes time, determination, dedication, sacrifices and hard work.

Just don’t give up, this is captured in the saying ‘no pain no gain’ so you must be determined to sweat out your way to shedding a significant amount of pounds.


Many people have tried many tips on how to lose weight but by the end of the day they end up dropping a few pounds and in some cases no pounds at all. Weight loss is a continuous process it is not what you stop after 2 weeks or even 2 months you have to know that it is only your determination that can take you through the process. For you to lose weight you have to cultivate, acquaint, and follow these great tips

Weight loss tips

  • Get a role model: this is one of the most important tips they refused to tell you, I have battled with weight loss and this is the most significant for me. At a time when all my strength failed me my role model got me going. I searched on YouTube about weight loss and in doing so I stumbled on this weight loss story that was similar to my size, I watched how he painstakingly slimmed down.

I was determined to slim down like him because he was a big success story for me, he was my source of motivation, whenever I was down I just watched the clip to get gingered he was my inspiration, I realized that since he could do this I too can do same. If you want to lose weight fast the first step is that you get a role model and determine to be like him or her.


  • Water therapy: another tip they have failed to tell you is ‘water therapy’. If you actually wana lose weight fastnn you should make water your best friend. Not just drinking water, I mean drinking lots of water systematically. The water therapy is all about drinking at least 1.5 liters of clean normal temperature water first thing upon rising in the morning, then once it is around 1 to 2 pm drink about 7.5cl of water and later on around 5 to 6 pm drink another 7.5cl of water and lastly drink close to 7.5cl of water before going to bed.

This water therapy should replace all sugary drinks and make sure it is normal temperature not icy, chill or cold water. I know it is not easy to cultivate this habit but when you do this you will notice you will start shedding weight fast and you will also notice a general improvement in your health.


  • Reduce your diet and get tempting foods out of your house: the main aim of reducing diet is to reduce calorie intake, it produces a calorie deficiency in your body which in turn reduces the raw fats in your body, when you reduce the amount of calories you take then surely you have made the most essential step to weight loss.

By reducing diet, I do not mean that you should skip meals or starve yourself, just reduce the amount of food you take by using tips such as eating in a small plate, this has a psychological effect on your mind and body, always make sure you eat in a small plate, also drink water or black coffee 15 minutes before meal this will help reduce your appetite.

Getting tempting food out of your house is very essential because when those foods are there you can hardly resist taking them, you might say let me take a little and from there you go on and on. Get your spouse, friend, kids to help you by adjusting on the same diet with you or never bring such foods around you.


  • Avoid sugar and starch(junk and fries) go for vegetables, fruits and proteins: if you wana lose weight fast give up on eating sugars and starch, sugar and starch forces your body to increase insulin production and what insulin does is to help your body accumulate fat’s. sugary drinks such as sweetened drinks, sodas, alcohol and starchy foods such as corn flakes, frosted flakes, bread, pie, cookies, cakes, candies, pizza, oatmeal, regular brown rice etc.

Also avoid junk foods and fries. Eat more of vegetables, fruits and proteins such as cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, garden egg, watermelon and proteins such as beans, egg, chicken and fish this is because veggies, fruits, and protein increase the rate of body metabolism thus breaking down more fat’s as possible.


  • Engage in great exercise, light weight lifting and stretches: engage in great exercise like running 3 times a week, play sports like basketball, football, volleyball or any sporting activity that will make you sweat a lot. Register and dedicate ample time to gym sessions were your trainer will help you with light weight lifting and stretches to help tighten your muscles and it helps to reduce the occurrence of stretch marks from shaded fats. Exercise helps in high metabolism and calorie burning, it expands more energy and prevents increase in weight.


  • Weight loss diet: as earlier mentioned your diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits and proteins. Avoid sugar and starchy foods. Your gym trainer will also help you with weight loss diet program to follow. A phyto based diet will help you lose significant amount of weight, your breakfast should comprise more of fruits and never eat late at night.


  • Take full body measurement to track progress: it is very important to take your full body measurement such as your weight, bicep, hip, chest, calf and belly measurement. This will help you to monitor the progress you are making and help you stay motivated.


Know that losing weight is in your hands, never give up and try as much as possible stick to the above tips, I know you will come back to thank me. If you have questions or comments you can leave it at the comments section and I will reply you within 24 hours.

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