Best Tips On How To Manage Breastfeeding

The effects of breastfeeding is well recognized among lactating mothers. Breast milk is a natural nutritional feed for infants, that provide the baby with all nutritional, mental, immunological nourishment and thus its importance for babies cannot be over emphasized.

Breast milk protects the baby from a host of infant diseases, illnesses and risks. Breastfeeding should be commenced by all mothers immediately after delivery, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that lactating mothers exclusively breastfeed their baby for six solid months, by that we mean no additional liquids or solids to the breast milk for 6 months. Also after exclusive breast feeding for six months, Breast milk should be continued without weaning for 12months or more.

You and the post natal health personnel must work hand in hand for a successful breastfeeding. Mothers should be assisted on the breast feeding techniques for positioning and latching on. Tickle infant’s lips with the nipple when mouth is open widely and tongue is down, insert nipple and latch baby on to the breast. The mother or health personnel should in awaken sleepy newborn infant for breastfeeding if the baby has not fed for 3hours. Babies should be fed with breast milk 9 to 12 times a day and should empty the two breasts on each occasion.

Health personnel’s should teach lactating mothers how to prevent a sore nipple and breast, and how to treat them. Baby should have a mouthful of areola in the mouth, mother and baby should from time to time examined for evidence of milk transfer during breastfeeding, for traces of breastfeeding problems.

Health personnel’s should also teach mothers how to recognize baby’s hunger signs. Breast feeding infants should not receive any other substance apart from breast milk except when the infant is on medication. Mothers should not use artificial nipples or pacifiers because it interferes with the infant’s nutritive suckling. After breastfeeding you should not lay the baby immediately to avoid regurgitation.

Mothers should also make sure they eat a balanced diet containing more of fruits, so as to create a healthy breast milk for baby.

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