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Pregnancy Nutrition – Taking holistic approach towards pregnancy you will see that proper pregnancy nutrition is very important although many pregnant women do not take proper nutrition serious, its importance cannot be overemphasized.

Proper pregnanacy nutrition before conception and after delivery is very important because it is these nutrients in the woman’s body that helps build a child’s mental and physical systems. Every woman wants to give birth to a healthy baby and watch the baby grow in good health, for this to be achieved women should take proper nutrition serious.

Maternal health is a complex situation determined by many factors such as genetics, psychological, social, emotional, mental, economic and environmental factors. These conditions affect the baby’s foetal development and growth.

During pregnancy the woman’s body changes rapidly in other to accommodate the baby and sponsor its growth. The woman’s womb and its muscles enlarges in size and strength , her body mass and blood volume increases so as to accommodate and carry additional nutrients for her and her baby, her feet swells in response to the production of estrogen.

All the body changes are very important because it helps the woman to prepare for delivery. Her breast also enlarges, in preparation for breastfeeding. All these rapid changes often swings the woman’s mood, so she should be well prepared to handle these mood swings through nutritious diets, controlled physical exercise, enough rest and companionship.

Women who had already been well nourished before conception begin their pregnancy in good note because they have the entire nutrient the foetus needs for growth. Infants who are well nourished in the womb have the advantage of entering life in stable physical and mental health.

A pregnant woman should increase calorie intake at the latter half of the pregnancy because the foetal activities and formation increases and therefore requires the mother to also increase her calorie intake.


A woman preparing for pregnancy should follow the pregnancy nutrition tips below and also continue with same after delivery.

Mothers should quit all addictions before, during and after pregnancy. This is for you and your child’s health, to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications. No smoking, no alcohol consumption, eating too spicy or fried foods.

  • Milk, eggs, meat, fish and seafood’s are high in protein, the nutrients in them especially Omega 3 fatty acid promotes brain and eye development for the baby hence the pregnant woman should eat a variety of the above foods 3 times a day.
  • Leafy green vegetables, beans, cereals, peas and citrus fruits contain folate and folic acid. Folate helps to prevent serious abnormalities of the brain, spinal cord and neural disorders. Vegetables should be taking at least 3 times a day
  • Vitamin D is needed for strong bones and teeth, this is gotten from dairy products, fruits and orange juice, cabbage, spinach.
  • Women should consume foods rich in vitamin C which can be gotten from fruits such as orange, mango, watermelon, lemon, tomatoes and strawberry.
  • Great amount of fiber should be included in the diet this helps to prevent constipation.
  • Plenty of water should be taken so as to increase circulation and aid bowel movement, at least a woman should take 4 liters of water a day.
  • Diet should be very rich in calcium for strong bones and teeth’s, calcium is gotten from dairy products such as milk, yogurt,
  • Feeding should be frequent but small, never fast or miss meals.
  • Pregnant women should avoid foods such as unpasteurized milk and juice, under cooked eggs, meat and fish and avoid totally certain kinds of fish, such as swordfish, tilefish, king mackerel and shark.
  • Pregnant women should wash fruits and vegetable with salt so as to kill germs, the vegetable should also be steamed.

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