How To Completely Beat Drug/Alcohol Addiction

Drug Addiction is a medical condition characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding drug stimuli, despite adverse consequences-Wikipedia.

A host of drugs have penetrated the society they are everywhere ranging from marijuana, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, heroin, lorazepam ,morphine, Rufilin, valium, vicodin, oxycodone, benzodiazepines , Xanax, alcohol etc. Many are using and addicted to it. Am here to tell you how to break the addiction.

You know what drugs does to you? It hijacks your pleasure senses making you feel alright when you know you are not alright its addiction makes you prefer it to food, water, fun and sometimes sex.

Drugs makes you happy, cool, high, removes fear, gives you balls and guts when you naturally don’t have one, makes you forget your worries, responsibilities, all these respectively is what it offers you temporarily when you take it but when the effects subsides you wake up from the fantasy to face reality.

Failure to face reality and in your bid to sustain the fantasy you keep taking it therefore leading to addiction you just cannot stop or live well without it. Does that make sense to you? I hope it does.

Drug addiction has ruined many lives, destroyed peoples potentials, careers, education, business, relationships, friendships, marriages and families, and has cut many lives shot. I know its ruining your life too and you do realize it hand on and read this do not lose hope because of your previous trial.

The good news is that you will stop drug addiction but it all depends on knowing and following the right which have been provided for in this article coupled with  your willingness, motivation and determination. One thing I must tell you is that quitting drug addiction is never an easy task but you can do it. Some people get motivated enough to quit but then run out of steam within the first few weeks. This usually happens because the individual is not getting enough support to keep them motivated or they haven’t detached themselves from what led them to their addiction.

Know that you have to take control of your life you are the only one to fix it do not expect people to fix it for you that is why you have to motivate yourself, I will still tell you how to keep your motivation and steam going jn this article. 80% of persons that have tried stopping the addiction give up and continue with it and many end up destroying their lives and dying from it, sounds discouraging but that’s the truth.

Many drug addicts feel guilty and hopeless, after several attempts to stop it they finally give up on the fight, are you in that state? I want you to know that you are in the right place reading the right article that will save you from drugs. Lets ride on,

1. Be sincere about your drug addiction: the first step I want you to make is make a list (write down) in order of priority its effects on your life such as ruining your family, career, education, work, relationship, your health etc.

2. Identify the source of your addiction and address or fix it: The next step I want you to take is to ask yourself why and how did I start taking hard drugs? When you’ve done this you will discover you dint start taking drugs by accident, something or things must have made, led, or caused you to start taking drugs.

After figuring out the reason or reasons or how you got into drugs write them down and start addressing the issue or issues as much as you can in their of magnanimity. Identifying the source of your addiction and addressing it is very important so that you don’t make the mistake of believing that stopping the addiction will take away the source, if you stop taking drugs and fail to address the source of addiction  you will end up going back.

In answering ‘how and why you started taking drugs’ the answer ranges from.

Unable to Manage Stress: 99% of addicts today are persons who could not manage stress. Life is filled with stress you cannot take it away. Simply having a family, maintaining a household, keeping a job, your career or schooling are huge stress factors, not to talk of having problems in them.

Then instead of learning how to deal with stress, responsibilities and problems positively you go into drugs thinking it will help deal with stress, make you feel good and forget your problems and of cause at that time it will help calm the storm but when the effects subside the stress, problems and responsibility is still there waiting for you to attend to and you still respond negatively by doing drugs again.

This keeps the addiction and the cycle going, learn how to manage stress, problems and responsibilities because they are part of life and you can never take them away.

Peer Pressure: many people today are addicts because they succumbed to peer pressure, the pressure of being around those who take drugs can make you join them. Being around drug users is tempting and has a psychological effect on you, he might offer you some and you will decline but surely one day you will say lemme just have a test.

From testing you might have continued the intake and if you still come around them you go into full time consumption leading to addiction. Birds of a feather flock together, desist from meeting friends that lure you into taking drugs or places you will go and meet drugs or people using it.

People suffering from anxiety, depression, pain, mental illnesses or bipolar disorder, use drugs and alcohol to ease their suffering: this group of people use drugs to calm their nerves and ease pain. They temporarily use drugs to feel good and normal. Go and see a doctor and psychologist and if you are depressed try solving the problem that lead to your depression if you can’t see a psychologist and learn how to manage it.

People want to belong and fit in: some started their journey to addiction because they wanted to belong and fit in to the trend of drug usage. They bowed to the trend. Do not bow to an ugly trend that will ruin your life, checkout many addicts and how they ended. I urge you to retrace your steps and channel your vigor to something productive.

People see family members, friends, role models or entertainers using drugs and rationalize that they can use drugs or conform to using it: there is 80% probability that a person whose father uses hard drugs conforms to using it, same with friends and role models coupled with the fact that the entertainment and music scene has been polarized with drugs many bow to the pressure and trend. Do not copy a lifestyle that will keep you in bondage for the rest of your life.

Feeling of nothingness or emptiness or loneliness or ugliness (low self esteem) or boredom: many addicts today are suffering from this psychological problem, they feel they are nothing in the society they want to be rich and famous or they feel lonely they want to be loved or they feel ugly, they want a better face, or height or one thing or the other, or they do drugs when they are bored.

If you are suffering from any of these, I want you to know you already have a wrong notion about yourself, be positive, focus on your strength and change the notion you have about yourself. Make sure you are not idle get involved in productive ventures and get a life, when you do this everything will gradually start falling in place.

• Using drugs to cover painful memories and misfortunes: many are addicted because they went through traumatic events in their life, often as children some as adults, and turn to drugs to cover the horrible experience. People are very susceptible to trauma, whether physically or emotionally, and those feelings can haunt them forever. Some who have lost a loved one turn to drugs to help them forget the event and feel better.

You could benefit from working with psychologists, attend or watch interesting programs and comic activities to help you get through this. Try to move on do not let your life to be directed and ruined by your past. If your girlfriend or boyfriend broke your heart, I know it could be very hard to get over it, adjust and move on you will find someone better.

• Using drugs to get guts and remove fear and shyness (low self esteem): many people today got into drug addiction by using drugs to temporarily chase away fear, shyness and to summon guts. This keeps the addiction going because any time they are not on drugs they just cannot live fine.

Fear and shyness can be conquered why not try natural ways of reducing fear and shyness like making it a responsibility meet two new persons every day just try and you will see yourself doing it. Some go into drug addiction because they need drugs to do a particular thing or to commit crime, crime will never do you good and you already know that.

• People chase the high they once experienced: this is what keeps the addiction going, you just cannot stop because anytime you remember the feeling you just go back to it you just keep going till you are wrecked. The high you are chasing is ruining your life why stick to what will destroy you, I know you wanna quit this addiction and you will.

Once you have identified the reason or reasons try fixing, or addressing them and you will see positive changes in your addiction. The next step is;

3. Get a role model who has overcome drug addiction. you can search on YouTube for story of people who conquered drug addiction. Watch the clip over and over again and whenever you are losing steam make sure you watch it, this will help you stay motivated, believe you can beat addiction like he or she did and you will do it.

4. Make staying sober your number one priority in life. Do whatever it takes to stay sober Nothing else should get in the way of your staying sober, with this kind of attitude you will never fail.

5. Keep in mind that recovery is a process and not an event. This means that staying sober will require your continued effort, do not expect it just to happen or someone to make it happen, you are the one to make it happen by staying sober.

6. It is very important for you to trash any hope of using drugs or alcohol safely again. do not make the mistake of trying to take drugs or alcohol safely again because it will surely land you to addiction again.

7. Don’t fall victim to the rationalization that you will hang out with a friend, go to a place that they use drugs or put yourself in situations that tempt you to use drugs and not use drugs. Avoid making that mistake because it will land you back to addiction.

8. Avoid totally friends, people, situations, places like clubs and bars that trigger your drug usage, surround yourself with people who support your sobriety, not those who tempt you to go back into old, destructive habits.

9. Withdrawal symptoms can hit you hard and it is very important to survive this temporary period of discomfort. Surround yourself with people that can help and take care of you during this period.

10. Keep triggers and cravings in check, you can do this by avoiding family members, friends, people, places and situation that trigger your drug usage.

11. Visit family and friends that are not drug users.

12. Quit habits and lifestyle that draws you to drugs such as stealing, gangsterism, womanizing.

13. Take care of the responsibilities you have been avoiding such as school, work, family, caring for loved ones, paying bills, house work, cooking, laundry and pay attention while you are in church, school, work and productive activities.

14. Engage in interesting productive activities that will support you sobriety like joining the choir, being master of ceremonies (MC) at events, going camping, involving in community service etc.

15. Pamper and take care of yourself, your looks, make or barb your hair, trim your nails, get a pedicure/manicure, soak in hot bath, sing in the shower, get a hot cup of tea, go to fun or water parks, go for a walk, just treat yourself nice.

16. Eat a healthy diet.

17. See a councilor.

18. Engage in exercise and sporting activities more. such as football, basketball, volleyball, gym etc

19. Set meaningful goals and get a good life that you will be proud of.

20. See a doctor and check into a rehab especially for the first few weeks.

I hope this article helps you conquer your addiction and most importantly if you are Christian, Muslim or any other faith ask God in prayers to help you. Also remember to share this article on social media and to addicted family and friends you can help save a soul just as you are being saved.


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