How To Effectively Get Rid of Chronic Body Odor and Smell Good

Chronic body odor can be worse than hell, it affects your whole life, confidence and social life. It keeps you away from meeting people and enjoying intimate relationships. This can lead to psychological distress and depression. Body odor can also affect your education and work because you always feel uncomfortable around people; this can lead to loss of concentration and focus.

The good news is that we are here to show you how to effectively get rid of your chronic body odor, you might have tried many tips but just hang on and rid this.


Shave your underarm and pubic hair: this is the first crucial step in getting rid of body odor. Body odor is caused by when sweat from your body reacts with the bacteria on your skin. Since the armpit and pubic hair serves as breeding grounds for this bacteria there is need to get rid of their breeding habitat.

Majority of the odor come from the armpit but it is not something new that bad odor comes from the pubic region too, so shave your armpit and pubic region clean.

Develop a personal hygiene culture: do not serve as fertilizing agent to the bacteria on your skin, do not help them breed by having a bad hygiene such as not taking your bath, not changing underwear’s regularly, wearing unwashed underwear’s and clothes, using dirty towel, not washing your clothes properly, sleeping on a bacteria plagued bed, dirty bed shit and pillow case.

These are all bad hygiene habits that aid bacteria breeding. You should take your bath at least twice a day at worst once a day with clean water and antiseptic or anti bacterial soap.  While taking your bath scrub your armpit and pubic area properly with the antibacterial soap and rinse your whole body properly. Make cleanliness your priority.

After bath dry your body properly: after taking your bath make sure you dry your whole body properly with a clean towel, especially your armpit and pubic region this will help in reducing the moisture required by the bacteria to breed. Wash your towel regularly.

Develop the habit of applying deodorant after every bath: after every bath the first thing you should apply is your deodorant. I recommend ’nivea’ and if you sweat too much you can go for their anti perspirant which also contains deodorizer. This will help block the odor from the bacteria making you smell great and also help reduce sweating.

Water therapy: the toxins in your body serves as fertilizing agents to the bacteria, water therapy will detoxify your system and keep your skin hydrated, when the toxins are out of the body the bacteria lacks fertilizer and will gradually die off.

Water therapy is all about a systematic way of drinking water it involves drinking at least 1.5 liters of clean normal temperature water first thing upon rising in the morning, then once it is around 1 to 2 pm drink about 7.5cl of water and later on around 5 to 6 pm drink another 7.5cl of water and lastly drink close to 7.5cl of water before going to bed. This will purify your system and your skin.

Keep your socks and shoes clean: always keep your socks and shoes clean, do not wear your socks for a long time, not wearing a pair of socks for more than two days is the recommended standard and also wash them regularly.

 Wash your shoes regularly and properly sundry them, make sure the inside of your shoes are clean you can do this by wearing socks always because it helps in absorbing sweat keeping your feet and shoes dry, they have varieties of socks you can wear low cut socks if you don’t want your socks to show.

Once in a while sundry all your shoes, and whenever it comes in contact with water immediately sundry them. You may apply anti fungal spray on your shoes.

Reduce the intake of food that trigger body odor: the food you take can aid body odor reduce your intake of red meat, alcohol, caffeine, spices such as onions and garlic. Also eat a healthy diet made up of more of fruits and vegetables.

Substances to Apply

Apple vinegar: this is great for getting rid of chronic body odor because of its immense anti bacterial qualities, it’s acidic and helps create a ph level that kills bacteria and prevents the skin from emitting odor. It is best applied when you wake up in the morning before bath time, then after your bath you apply your deodorant.

Apply lime juice: this is a natural anti septic making it impossible for bacteria growth; this gets rid of bad odor. It is best applied at night before bed time. Then when you rise in the morning apply your vinegar before bath time then take your bath and apply your deodorant.

Mint bath: mint leaves has great anti septic qualities, boil mint leaves in 5 cups of water and add it to your bath water, soak yourself in the water for about 15 minutes. Mint bath should be done twice a week.

Use a great body lotion: to generally increase your skin nourishment you should make use of a great body lotion good for your skin type. I recommend you use  nivea ; they have great lotions for all skin types.


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