Mouth Odor – Great Tips To Get Rid of Bad Breath Permanently

Mouth odor can really turn you into being dumb most of the time; it can also wreck your romantic relationship and social life. Mouth odor is caused by bacteria action in your mouth, this can be as a result of decaying food particles or mouth infection. If you really wanna get rid of mouth odor you have to put this tips to heart and practice.

1.    Brush your mouth well and scrub your tongue (regularly):  the first step to getting rid of mouth odor is brushing your mouth well, brush your mouth gently and thoroughly with a recommended tooth paste. Make sure to brush every corner of your mouth; the lower teeth, the upper teeth, your tongue, your gums and edges of your mouth and rinse thoroughly after brushing, then drink some water to hydrate your mouth.

Note to scrub your tongue properly due to the nature of the tongues surface it harbors a lot of bacteria. Know that some tooth brushes are not good for your teeth use a semi soft toothbrush so as not to bruise your gum and give room for infection. The standard is brushing twice a day nothing less, upon waking up and before going to bed.

2.    Use mouth wash after every meal: if you don’t have the time to brush after every meal then make use of mouth wash, drink water after meal then use your mouth wash. You can take them to work or school so you mouth wash after lunch. Make use of mouth wash like Listerine or Colgate, they kill bacteria that cause mouth odor to give you a refreshing breath.

Vigorously swish your mouth when mouth washing so as to get to every nook and cranny of your mouth. Do not excessively use mouth wash because it contains alcohol which hampers saliva production and saliva is necessary to keep your mouth moist.

3.    Floss your teeth: floss you teeth every day with a clean thread so as to get food particles out of your teeth.


4.    Chew gum often: gum increases the flow of saliva which washes away bacteria, saliva also contains natural antibacterial agents. chew gums that contain mint or specially produced for bad breath.

5.    Reduce intake of sugar: bacteria feeds on sugar thereby increasing bad breath. Do not chew gums with sugar, chew gums containing mint and less sugar. Avoid sugary foods and drinks.

6.    Reduce intake of alcohol and coffee. Reduce your intake of alcohol and coffee because it provide a favorable ground for bacteria to breed and cause mouth odor. Brush properly and mouth wash after every intake of these substance.

7.    Avoid or reduce the intake of garlic and onion: these vegetables have strong odor and goes into your blood stream and comes back out through your lungs as bad breath. If you cannot totally avoid them, brush thoroughly after usage. But it is best advised you avoid them because when they digest the smell comes back out through your lungs as bad breath.

8.    Water therapy: drink water often to help hydrate your mouth and wash away bacteria.

9.    Green diet: eat more vegetables and fruits such as cucumber, apples, oranges and bananas.

If after applying the above tips and your bad breath fails to stop see a doctor to know whether you have a medical condition.

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