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Sexually transmitted disease app is a great app that helps you to holistically  know sexually transmitted diseases and infections with their treatment and cure. this app is uniquely designed  to provide you with every information you need  to know about std’s.

Sexually transmitted disease app is highly rated among doctors, medical students and people that want to know more about sexually transmitted diseases and their cure. This is the reason it has up to 10,000 – 50,000 installs.

Sexually transmitted diseases app takes a holistic approach in providing you useful information about sexually transmitted diseases. It completely explains the diseases using this category.

sexually transmitted disease appsexually transmitted disease appsexually transmitted disease appsexually transmitted disease app
• Introduction of the disease
• Signs and symptoms of the disease
• Diagnoses and test for the disease
• Treatment of the disease
• Complications of the disease
• Prevention of the disease

sexually transmitted disease app gives you an in depth knowledge about several std’s ranging from staph, gonorrhea, hiv/aids, syphilis, yeast(candidiasis), bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, genital herpes, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, canchroid, scabies, trichomoniasis,  human parpillorna virus, genital warts, public lice(crabs),  molluscum contagioscum, lymphogranuloma venerium . It also provides you with their treatment and cure.

the most unique feature of this app is that it offers treatment procedures for the diseases and infections. the information on this app is complete, correct and useful for doctors, medical students and the public.

Sexually transmitted disease app is a great app forI doctors, medical students and every one. Every effort has been made to provide you with correct and useful information you need to know about STD’s on this app.

Unique Features
1. Easy and simple to use
2. Complete explanation of the STD
3. Treatment for the STD

Latest app version: 1.5
Required android version: 2.3 and up
Install: 10,000 – 50,000

To download this wonderful app click the install button below

sexually transmitted disease app

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