10 Expert Tips To Repair, Treat and Fix Broken and Damaged Hair

Having that beautiful and shining hair is every woman’s thing, if your hair is in bad condition your confidence drops.  Broken and damaged hair may be caused by a natural factor or lack of care that have made your hair straw like and unhealthy.

Below are the expert tips to repair broken hair fix.

1.Trim your hair if necessary: if your hair is in really bad shape it is necessary to trim your hair shot or completely to help expose the hair shaft and roots for immediate impact of treatment while at the same time getting rid of the bad hair.

2.Commence deep hair treatment: immediately after trimming your hair you should commence hair treatment immediately. Start a deep conditioning treatment, use natural ingredients like coconut oil, eggs, almond oil or olive oil side by side with hair products that contain restorative, moisturizing ingredients, such shea butter, keratin and protein. Avoid products that contain silicone or parabens.

  • Deep conditioning should be done twice a week. Your hair should be conditioned with the healing products and left for 2 to 3 hours, cover your hair during those hours and afterwards wash off gently with lukewarm water. This will start the healing and re building process.

3.Shampoo and condition not more than twice a week: to repair broken hair use shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients. Note that the shampoo should be sulphate free and conditioner should be silicon free. Shampoo and condition not more than twice a week so as not to wash off natural hair oils that will revitalize you hair.

  • While applying shampoo on your hair do not scrub your hair hard, massage your scalp with the shampoo gently and very well and rinse with warm water. Then condition from the top to the roots of your hair and leave it for about 5 – 10 minutes for maximum result then rinse off.
  • Handle your hair gently to avoid affecting the hair shafts and roots. After the washing dry your hair gently and avoid wringing your hair with the towel because wet hair is more fragile and wringing will cause more hair breakage.
  • Do not wash hair during bath so as not to wash off the natural oil that help to nourish your hair that is why you should only shampoo and condition your hair twice a week.

4.Avoid blow dryers, curling irons or straightening irons: to repair broken hair avoid those items, they damage your hair, try as much as possible to air dry your hair and don’t use straightening or curling irons on it. After using shampoo and conditioner, if you really need to blow dry your hair keep it on the lowest heat setting. If you must use heat use it on special occasions. Avoid irons till your hair heals.

  1. Use finishing cream or oil. After your hair is dry, apply hair cream or oil to keep it from frizzing and protect it from the elements. Use combination hair oil made up of natural ingredients. Apply it through your hair and comb to spread well.
  1. Completely avoid chemicals: one of the things you have to avoid to repair broken hair are chemicals such as dyes, bleaches and straitening chemicals, they damage your hair shaft and alter hair ph level. This chemicals end up damaging the hair roots and strip the hair of vital natural balance. For you to fully restore your hair you need to completely stop the usage of any chemical product to your hair.
  • Take a more natural approach to your hair so that your hair will return to its natural state. Stop relying on these products to make your hair look good, use more natural treatment Like use of egg, olive oil, almond oil, honey, milk and yogurt or products that contain restorative, moisturizing ingredients, such as olive oil, keratin, protein or Shea butter.
  1. Hair diet: for you to repair broken hair make sure to consume lots of water, vitamins and nutrients. A diet rich in proteins, vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy help nourish your hair. Foods, fruits and vegetables such as meat, fish, egg, banana, avocado, carrot, apple, water melon, pawpaw, spinach etc. Omega-3 fatty acids and iron are good for hair growth and repair. They are found in sardines, salmon, walnuts and flaxseeds. You should also use supplements in line with the hair diet.
  1. Protect your hair: When you go swimming in a pool wear a swim cap because the water contains chlorine which will damage your hair. If your hair was touched by the chlorine water shampoo your hair well after swimming. Protect your hair with a cap, hat or a bandana when you’re in the sun to avoid sun damage which includes faded hair color, dry hair with brittle or broken ends, weakened or thinning hair.
  1. Avoid using brush: to repair broken hair do not brush so as to avoid more breakage. Use combs hair brush cause hair damage and loss, brush pull the hair from their shaft.
  1. Use natural hair products: before buying hair products scrutinize them to make sure that the active ingredients are very natural. Many hair products made from chemicals change the ph balance of the hair making you prone to hair problems.

If you apply the above tips you will notice positive changes in your hair growth, texture and general health just continue till your hair fully rebuilds. After rebuilding make sure to continue the natural process so that you won’t go back to square one.


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