12 Best Tips To Gain Weight Fast

Gaining weight can be a big problem in your life, year to year you are not adding flesh and at worst you are even dropping some. Being so tin or slim can really affect your total life,  below are the biggest weight gain tips that once you apply for 2 weeks the cards will turn, you don’t need to look at the mirror for you to notice the changes your friends will tell you that. If you stick to it for a long time you run the risk of getting too big, so know when to slow down. These great tips will help you gain weight and totally transform you.

1.Get a Role Model: this is a very important part if you want to gain weight fast, search on YouTube ”skinny to big transformation” watch them and get inspired. So you will know they were once like you, but their sticking to the goal and their hard work made them gain weight . Bookmark or download the video, especially the person you to be like watch it when you are loosing steam, Get the video and keep your goal and motivation going because it will be your fuel and adrenaline.

2.Force Your Self To Eat more: you just have to eat like a hulk, even if you don’t like it. Make eating your hubby, for you to gain weight you have to eat at least five good times a day. You  just have to increase the amount of calories you take. if you check most skinny people they just have a poor feeding habit, you don’t expect to place small food on your body and expect it to grow.

If you are skinny your body is naturally made to burn more calories fast than normal or big people, so you have to feel up more. They are some multivitamin in pharmacies that can help you increase you appetite, but best still, no multivitamin can work better than your resolve to eat large, i mean eat really large.

3.Eat Lots and Lots of Protein: our body growth and muscle development are controlled majorly by protein. You need high amount of protein for your body growth and building blocks to be activated and fueled. Aim to eat (1.5 – 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram).

Remember that protein can really fill you quick thereby reducing your calorie intake so make sure you watch your calorie intake because that’s the utmost. High protein foods include meat, eggs, fish, beans, milk and diary products, legumes, nuts, soybean and hamburger. protein supplements can be used to support your protein diet especially is you don’t get enough protein everyday.

4.Focus on Hefty Energy Densed Diet: this is very important if you want to gain weight, eat whole food that contain high amount of calories.  Breads:eat high densed breads, such as whole wheat they are more nutritious than white bread. Spread them with butter, jam, honey or cream cheese.

High-fat dairy: such ass Whole milk, full-fat yogurt, cheese, ice cream, chocolate.  Meat: Chicken, beef, pork, lamb, etc. Go for more fatty parts. Whole grains like oats and brown rice.  Tubers such as Potatoes and yams.  Fats and Oils such as Extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil. When cooking add a good quantity of oil in the food this will help you gain weight.

5.Build Your Muscle To Gain Muscle and Strength Using Heavy Weights: for you to convert the fats storing in your body to pure muscle you have to lift weights, not light weights you start with a medium and progress into lifting heavy weight so that you will build large muscles, you should be lifting weights that are close to the maximum you can handle. This is one of the greatest tip to gain weight.

  • The weights should be so heavy that you will be unable to lift after 15 reps.
  • Use forced reps. you can do 2 or 3 more lifts after the point of failure. Forced reps increase the stress placed on your muscle fibers and overload it, making them work harder. The more the muscles work harder the more it reacts with the proteins and calories in your body to grow bigger.
  • keep increasing weight as soon as you need to. If you can do 20 lifts without hitting failure, you need more weight. It’s vital that you keep increasing the weight of your lifts so that you keep overloading the muscles for maximum growth.

6.Eat more often. Squeeze in an additional meal or snack, such as during work or school breaks, before bed. fill your bags with snacks so you can easily eat them.

7.Do not drink water before meals. if you want to gain weight do not fill your stomach with water or liquids this will make it difficult to eat enough and more calories.

8.Use bigger plates. use bigger plates if you are trying to get in more calories, this will have a positive psychological effect on you as smaller plates cause people to relatively eat less.

9.Drink milk and protein shakes. Drinking whole milk or protein shakes to quench thirst is a good way to get in more high-quality protein and calories.

10.Add cream to your coffee. to gain weight add milk to your coffee this will get in more protein to your body.

11.Take muscle building supplements: The muscle building supplements can help you gain good amount of weight because it increases muscle production capability.

12.Get quality sleep. Sleeping properly is very important for muscle growth.

If you stick to the above tips you will be surprised at the progress you will make within 2weeks, know that the progress is only the beginning to your transformation. Do not stop, you must preserve and be determined to achieve your goal.

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