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Lovendar for android. Lovendar is a great online platform for dating  it is also uniquely designed for couples, lovers and partners  who are distant get to interact with each other in a great and romantic way. Lovendarhelps bring fun and a new dimension to you and your partners life, lovendar for android is specifically designed to make near and distant relationships fun, interesting and entertaining.

lovender for android


Things Lovendar for android will help you do

  1. Make a Commitment: Lovendar for android helps to be committed to your partner, by uniquely keeping in-touch with your partner, lovendar provides unique platform to help you and your partner plan each day, exchange gift and go on dates.
  2. Make time for love: Lovendar for android helps you enjoy your love to the fullest by sharing ideas, stating things to do like anniversaries, valentine gifts and dates, sharing fun and unique daily experience.
  3. Enjoy a life together: lovendar for android help you and your partner to keep track of your partner and never miss a thing in what he or she does. Lovendar for android will help you and your partner kill the monotony in your relationship.

Great Features of Lovendar for Android

  • lovendar is a free
  • lovendar will help you share things and keep in touch with your partner  to spice up your love life.
  • it provides notifications when your partner adds or completes certain wish
  • you get relationship tips from lovendar
  • can easily share to-do list of dating  and anniversary gifts, vacation, valentine and many more.

How Lovendar for Android Works

After you both download Lovendar  on your devices, then invite your partner to join you. Then you can share different stuffs and start organizing events together.  You can put pictures and note locations you want to visit or gifts you want to buy and share with each other.

You can also make provisions for what foods to eat or movies to watch. You and your lover will  be more organized using lovendar and you will get notifications when your partner adds or completes certain wish.

Lovendar for Android Account Registration / lovendar sign up

  • visit
  • click on the download button
  • then wait for App to fully be downloaded.
  • Install the App on your device.
  •  fill in the registration details like first name, and valid email address.
  • enter  preferred password for your lovendar account.
  •  enter your gender and click sign up.

Now you have downloaded and registered on lovendar you can now enjoy it with your lover.

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