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Firefly is the 21st century travel guide app which acts as your travel  guide and close travel journal. Firefly app helps create a digital story of your trips  and travels, by capturing your ”trails”, like videos, pictures, notes and your important moments to create and unforgettable experience of your travels and trips.

Firefly app provides special travel guides to iconic destinations such as Paris, London,  New York City, Rome, Singapore and many more, this unique app also provide travel guide and information to the world heritage sites.

Unique Features To Make You Download Firefly App

Before you download firefly app, this are the unique features i want you to note.

  • firefly app is easy and simple to use
  • it app acts as travel guide and journal to all your trips
  • this app has Skyscanner integration which will help you get flight ticket prices to your destinations.
  • fire app helps to make your travels memorable by capturing your important moments for overview of single every journey you make.
  • it helps you Share your moments on  social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Whatsapp and more.
  • this app helps you not to forget the names of nice places you visited like that cool bar and restaurant you visited in New York . Download this app today.

How To Download Firefly App

To download firefly app visit the apple store

After you download firefly app make sure you tell your friends about it.


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