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Download Rex app: Rex is a great social networking app that creates a unique platform to connect , share  and recommend your favorite movies, music, books, TV shows, videos, restaurants, bars, travel destinations, and many more. Whatever your enjoy and like, this app will help you share and recommend it to your friends.

download rex app

Rex app  provides an easy way to  find out what your friends were watching, what restaurants they visited and what music they were listening to. Rex will also show you were to stream or download the stuffs they are watching. Rex can also help you to connect your friends in other social networks and help make sure you are not missing anything.

Rex makes it easy to get informed with the category you like by type – and by location – Rex will help you figure out what movie to watch on a Friday night or what to do in a new city,

Unique Features To Make You Download Rex App

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Share with your friends anything that’s too good to keep to yourself
  • Tap any post  you want to watch, read, download, listen to, download, purchase or know more about. No more dead ends like other social platforms
  • Filter by category. Select the things that interest you more and post about them will always appear more
  • Enjoy trending and viral posts.
  • Use the Rex Map to discover locations near your street that you from friends and locations experts visit.

You should download Rex App today because  you and your friend will really love this app

How To Download Rex App

  • visit the apple store
  • click on free download to download Rex App
  • wait for it to download Rex App

After you download Rex App enjoy it to the fullest and don’t wait to share with your friends this great app.



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