How to Prepare For a Job Interview

How to Prepare For a Job Interview –  Maybe you have tried several tips from friends but after the job interview you never get called back because you did not fortify and prepare yourself with the right tips and patterns to answer the interviewers questions. These great tips from both ‘’ job interviewers’’ and ‘’job recruitment experts’’ will help you prepare and fortify yourself for job interviews.

If you take to heart these tips and practice it you will have the chance of landing 90% of jobs because of how the tips will distinguish you and make you the favorite man to land the job. The essence of this post is to teach you how to prepare for a job interview and be successful after it. If you want to know how to prepare for a job interview and be at your best on the interview day, follow these tips


Learn About the Job Qualifications: research about the job you applied for, make a critical analysis of the credential requirements of the job you are seeking for. Analyze the important requirements and make sure you have them, do not attend the interview if you do not have the important requirements and skill.

Conduct Basic interview research: find out beforehand how the interview will look like. Call the person conducting the job interview or meet a person already working in the company and get to know as much as you can on how the interview will look like. Get to know who you will be talking to whether is the manager or recruiter, the kind of person he is and his expectations.

Learn About the Employer/Company: make research about the employer/company and be equipped with information about how the company works so that you will have a handy knowledge of the company, this will help you be know what to say to the interviewer in awkward moments.

Practice with a friend: practice severally with a friend, preferably a friend who is preparing for the interview. Ask yourselves anticipated interview questions and give the best possible answers. While asking answering the questions maintain eye contact and do not talk slow or fast.

Ready Yourself a Day Ahead: finish all preparations and rehearsals a day before the interview. Get ready all documents and accessories you need to the interview intact and ready. Your clothes, shoe and any other needed item should be ready a day ahead.


Wake up Early: make sure you wake up early so that you will prepare well without rushing. Waking late can really ruin the interview because you will be in a frantic rush and lose your focus. Be present for the interview an hour earlier than schedule.

Take a Healthy Breakfast: Never skip breakfast, eat a breakfast rich in vitamins and omega 3 acid. This will help your brain and body to be in optimal performance.

Appear Neat and decent: before you ever go for a job interview take time to take care of your looks, for  guys shaving your hair and beard to trimming your nails will be great. While for the ladies make a decent hair and decent nails. For the interview you have to wear simple elegant clothing, do not forget to dress and look smart so that even your dressing will say a lot to the interviewer. Do not dress extravagant be decent, avoid heavy cologne, apply light make up, remove your piercings ring and wear a simple earring, if you have tattoo do not wear clothing that will expose them. For the guys dress like a gentleman and do not wear chains or accessories. Your dressing says much about to the interviewer, make sure you look nice, wearing a suit will be great.

Show Courtesy to Everyone During the Interview:  be in good mood, greet people even before they greet you, show them respect and depict good manners. As soon as you are in the presence of the interviewer smile and greet him then get back into a normal interview mood.

Be Active During the Interview: Do not appear dumb or too vocal in the interview, be polite and articulate when talking to the interviewer and ask thought provoking questions, do not try to embellish or show that you are too intelligent. Ask questions related to the company’s future expansion and improvement, make valuable contributions related to that.  Prepare to tell the interviewer short elaborate stories of organization related problems you solved, talk about how proud and joy you felt of an achievement in school or at work. This will help distinguish you from others. While doing this maintain eye contact with him.

Be Honest and personal: try as much as you can to be honest to the interviewer. Do not try to be a super human or try to impress him, be real and personal. Know that employers do not always hire the most qualified candidate for the job, but candidates they like the most. Talk to the interviewer with calmness and composure, Do not talk slow or fast. Never let any question throw you off balance, anticipate ridiculous questions, use your head and be smart and witty.


Smile and Shake Hands with the interviewer and exchange pleasantries: do not just get up and leave, smile and shake hands then exchange pleasantries with him before you go.

Send the Interviewer a thank You Text Message: like I am ( your name ) one of the applicants that just got interviewed. I want to thank you for giving me the chance to discuss my qualifications with you and I look forward to hearing from you about the interview. thanks a lot.


Answering tough interview questions in a smart and unique way will distinguish you from the others. The interviewer uses those questions to access and judge you so you have to provide the possible right answers to the questions.

Tell Me About yourself?: the interviewer asks this question to access your career and get the overview of your professional experience. You have to give a little cool description about yourself then you can give short description of your educational career, then you crown it with the experience you got in school from maybe being the prefect or any post you handled or the experience you got from your former jobs. And that you want to use your skill, experience and qualification to work for the company.

Why did You Leave Your Last Job? or Why do You Change Jobs?: this question is asked to know whether you always complain about your employers. You have to tell him that it was time to move on and take the next challenging step in your career. Never bring up that your last or present employer did not treat you well.

What Kind of Management Style do you Prefer: the interviewer is asking you this question because maybe you have worked with many managers and you have the kind of management style you prefer. They want to know your views about management. Also  you don’t know the kind of management style the employer adopts, you have to anwer him in a way to let him know that you have been managed by people and each time you try your best and adapt to the circumstances. You might site examples for him.

What makes You Different or What Makes You Stand out from Your Peers?: he asks you this question because he wants to know if you can go an extra mile for the job, make useful contribution and advance the cause of the company. You have to answer this question sitting examples from what you did to improve the cause of your former company and advance sales. You may state were you achieved more than your predecessor if you were holding an office or post.

What do You Like About Your Last Job and What would You have Added to Make it More challenging?: interviewers are looking for people with skill and experience so this question is asked to know the things you liked in your last job that is present in this job you applied for. The second part deals with the things that were not in your last job to improve your effectiveness. You have to answer him in a way that will mean you left your former job because you could not advance your career due to certain barriers.

Where do You See Yourself in 5 years?: he asks you this question to know if you are real. You should not answer that you see yourself still working for the company. Answer him by setting out your goals and dreams for the next 2 to 3 years then if the company’s dreams policies match with your dreams then you will ride on with them.

Why should I higher You For this Position?: Your answer should be focused on using your skill and experience to work for the company.

Do you Have Any Questions?: if you have any question you want to ask regarding the company then ask politely. Do not ask more than two questions.

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