How To Go Live On Instagram – Instagram Live

How To Go Live On Instagram With Android, IOS And Windows – Instagram live is the latest feature added to the instagram app that allows you to share your magical moments. This feature is just like the snapchat feature that allows you share videos of your fun moments. I know all Instagram users have been waiting for when instagram will provide a platform for them to share their special unique moments. That instagram video sharing feature is here and it is called instagram live. In this article you will discover how to go live on instagram

Instagram video sharing feature will allow you to share any moment you want your friends, family, fans and haters to know. You can share that moment you are on vacation, that moment you are having fun with your family, that moment you are laughing hard, that moment you are about to hit the gym, that moment you are about to start yoga classes, that moment you are having fun with your pet.

Instagram has made this possible so that their users will get the snap chat feeling. I know you can’t wait to go live on instagram. Below are the steps to use.


  1. Once you have the instagram app.
  2. Login into your account.
  3. Click on your story profile photo.
  4. This will take you to your instagram stories.
  5. Select from the three options: Live(video that disappear after broadcast ends), Normal(video that disappears after 24 hours), Boomerang(Time-lapse-like video created from a burst of photo).
  6. Swipe over to the left to get the instagram live feature
  7. You can also adjust your insta live video settings by clicking at the setting icon at the top left hand side.
  8. Now you are done with your settings click on Start Live Video. Once you do this instagram will notify your followers about your video.
  9. Then to end the live broadcast click on End Live Video.

I hope you can now go live on instagram, let me know your questions and comments by using the comments section below.



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