HOW TO GET RID OF MY BODY SCARS – Body scars can bring your confidence level down to zero especially if it is in a very noticeable spot. Scars often remind one of past horrible experience, some may forget the experience but each time they look at the scar the memory comes alive and they start regretting why such could ever happen to them. You might have tried various ways to get rid of the scar but they never get to leave you. Before you begin scar treatment it is very important to determine the kind of scar you want to get rid of so that you know the kind of treatment to apply. Below are the types of body scars

Keloid scar. This kind of scar is common among people with dark skin. It is as a result of abnormal or over aggressive healing process. Keloid scar extends beyond the original injury and forms a rough and unpleasant skin surface. Keloid scar can be treated by using surgery to remove the scar, silicon sheets to flatten the scar, steroid injections and liquid nitrogen. You can prevent the formation of keloid by using silicon gel pads when you are injured.

Acne scar. This kind of scar is as a result of severe acne on your body. You might have suffered or still suffering from acne the result of the healing of this acne forms scars on your body. The severity of the acne scar depends on the severity of the scar. This kind of scar can be treated with over the counter cream, ask your doctor to recommend one for you.

Contracture scar. This is the kind of scar that is normally caused by burns. The contracture tightens the burned area and can impair your movement. Sever contractures can affect the nerves and muscles. This kind of scar can be corrected by surgery. The doctor will use skin from unaffected areas to replace the contracted area.

Hypertrophic scars. This kind of scar by the development of excessive tissue or collagen on the skin after the healing process. This scar has the same nature as a keloid but it is milder than keloid. It can be treated with steroid injections or silicon gel and sheet.


Use of onion extract – you can extract onion juice and apply it to the  scar twice a day. this will make the scar to gradually disappear, do not expect fast result just be consistent in the application.

Use of honey – Honey is a good ingredient to help get rid of scars. daily application of honey on the scar will make the scar to fade away.

Apply aloe vera –  This is very effective in the treatment of scars, you can apply the gel from aloe vera in circular motion on the scar. this will speed up the fading process.

Apply cocoa butter – this is one of the best natural ingredients for scar treatment. This is why it is one of the active ingredients in the production of creams. Apply cocoa butter on the scar daily.

Use of cream and gels – they have many over the counter creams such as DermeffaceFX7, mederma and kole – cote advanced formular

use of silicon sheet and silicon gels – Silicon is a very effective scar remover. you can purchase the sheet and use it to cover the skin for up to five hours daily. you can also apply the gel on the scar.

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Once you have a scar you are advised to meet a skin doctor who will know the kind of scar and recommend the best treatment for you. While on the process of getting rid of your scar, make sure to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vitamin c.

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