In this article I will show you how to create snapchat account as soon as possible. Snapchat is a social media website that enables users post amazing videos that vanishes after the amount of seconds you want it to. The Snapchat app allows you post your amazing magical moments to the world and share your fun encounters live to your friends.

Snapchat is a picture message application used to post short lived videos and selfie’s to the world. With snapchat you are sure to share your vacation videos live as it happens, share fun times with your family, your videos of you and your pet, and videos of your workout routines, share every video you will like the world to see. Snapchat has many amazing and unique features which I will like you to know, below they are.

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  1. To Create snapchat account is absolutely free
  2. Snap chat has unique and amazing filters to help edit you videos to your taste
  3. Snapchat has amazing masks to help electrify your videos
  4. Snapchat will allow you to add texts to your videos
  5. Snapchat allows you captivate the world
  6. Snapchat allows you to enjoy group chat with 16 of your coolest friends.

The next thing I will like to show you is how snapchat.

  1. just take a picture or selfie with your phone
  2. add filter, mask and text on the image if you want
  3. select the amount of seconds you want the picture to display
  4. Send it to whoever you want.


  1. Visit
  2. Click on download.
  3. Select the app store that is compactible to your device, for iphone and ios click on the apple download icon, for android click on the Google store icon.
  4. Download the snapchat app.
  5. Install the app on your phone.
  6. Tap sign up.
  7. Enter you first name and last name.
  8. Tap sign up & accept.
  9. Enter your date of birth.
  10. Tap continue.
  11. Enter you desired use username and remember that the username cannot be changed in future
  12. Tap continue.
  13. Enter your email.
  14. Visit your email to confirm your account.
  15. Enter a strong password by using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.
  16. Tap continue
  17. Enter your phone number that is in the phone you are using to create the account.
  18. Tap continue
  19. Tap on the correct images to verify you are a human being and not a robot
  20. Tap continue
  21. Start using snapchat.

If you have any more question on how to create a snapchat account please use the comments section below.

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